We got the “Hopper” of https://en.opjeautoslapen.nl/prices for rent. An easy rooftent to go on a roadtrip you can sleep where you want. In just 5 minutes you are ready to sleep on your roof. It can fit on almost every car with roof rack  https://en.opjeautoslapen.nl/facts-tips-and-tricks s

A night on a parking with strong winds, the small tent on the ground didn’t make it 🙂

Prices: prices are without roof carrier!

1250 sek  for  3 nights, the minimum  rental period.

1500 sek  per week, 7 nights.

1000 sek for every extra week.

100 sek p/n for the extra tent

Deposit will be 5000 sek for the rented period.

Also your own risk is 5000 sek. So don’t forget that you have a rooftent on your car and be careful driving trough tunnels and parking garages. Sounds doofy but you will not be the first person who meets lower constructions this way. Messure your car’s hight before you go on your road trip. 🙂