location and surroundings

Mieps Huset Mieps huset used to be a forestry house. After that it was owned by Dalarnas hunting association. To arrive at Mieps Huset, you need to drive over 5 km gravelroad trought the forest to a small village named ‘Kullen’. You can drive with any car over this road. Kullen has about 25 residents. At night you can literally hear a pin drop to the ground. Endless rest in the midst of the forest of Dalarna.

You are in the middle of nowhere but at a distance of 10 a 15 km you will find a supermarket ‘Ica nära’. There is also the Musteri van tillmans a jam factory, shop and lunchroom: http://www.grangardemusteri.se , there you can buy delicious jam and marmelade. Or just enjoy a lunch or fika at the little lunchroom. The city’s Ludvika 30km and Borlänge 50km are also nice to go to.

Enjoy hiking, canoeing on one of the lakes, biking, go fishing or just do completly nothing at all. Nearby you can find nature resevations were you can hike. And of course you can walk or cycle directly from our location, among other trails the “Kyrkstigen”, a tough round walk of 30 km. This can be shortened by for instance using the “Poststig”. There also are many hunting trails or just drive over the gravelroads and see were they bring you. Maybee you come across a Moose or Capercaillie.

Other animals you could run in to;

many birds, fox, moose, lynx, bear, wolf, deer and roe deer.

The first photo’s (up) are made at the Predikstolen, https://www.lansstyrelsen.se/dalarna/besok-och-upptack/naturreservat/ludvika/predikstolen.html just 14 km from our location. Here you can even clim the rocky hills. There is a hiking trail of 5 km, a tough one but it’s a nice one. From there you can walk many more trails 🙂

If you just want to go out for the day, there are many way’s to enjoy your self. Just take a look around in Ludvika, a little town with a harbour and many small restaurants. On a rainy day Borlänge could be just the solution, with the biggest shoppingmall of Dalarna County and museums of the past and the future. Or visit Falu gruva in Falun, once worlds biggest coppermine ever and today it is a world heritage. Visit the mine museum, or descent to a 67 meter deep gallery and underground chambers. Learn more about the 1000 year old history of the mine and find out were swedish houses got there red paint from.

Falu Gruva (click on photo)


All seasons are great !

Discover the nature in the endless forests of Sweden. Enjoy what they have to offer you, all kinds of forest fruits that you can pick, clean and eat your self. People make the best jam and sauce from the fruits of our forest (raspberries, bleu berry’s, other berry’s and wild strawberry’s) In the fall you can find mushrooms big and small edible and poisonous among  colorful autumn leaves .


After a short hike of 500 meters to the top of the hill you will find a tower (firetower/ brandtorn) Take the stairs up to the top and you will be surprised by a stunning view all over the forest and lakes of Sweden.

Or take a longer walk of 5km (could be done bij car also) and enjoy a beautifull view over the bigger lakes and village down in the vally. Do you see that church?

For the ones who geocache, there are a lot to search in Sweden, also nearby Mieps huset with the firetower. It is a challenge, hope you can spare a 45 min search to find it.

Go and have a good time biking on a old railway (Vansbro) 🙂 (click on photo)
Rafting on the river not far from here (click on photo)
Go on an adventure in the caves at Tuna Hästberg (click on photo)
Or go on a Safari or to the Sami! (click on photo)
Let them know you got it from us 😉

Dala-Floda has a beautiful wooden bridge and a floating bridge.

There is also a eco greengrocer named: Wålstedts – Lantbruk och Gårdsbutik