Contact and Route

Dalarna Holidays Mieps Huset

Marcel en Petra

Kullbergsvägen 10

77014 Kullen / Nyhammar, Zweden

GPS: 60°19’13.4″N 14°51’50.0″E

+46 (0)76 425 03 83 It can be difficult to reach us by phone due to work, please send a message 🙂


Mieps Huset is located in a small village named Kullen.

We are at a distance of 250 km from Stockholm about a 2,5 /3 hour drive. If you drive to us from the boat in Göteborg it is a 400 km drive.

The road exit to Kullen is along the 66.

From Nyhammar it is 5 km and from Björbo it is 20 km .

There is a road sign (big yellow) that is the only correct road to Kullen. Any where else and you are going for a nice but long trip before you end up at our place. It is fun if you have time and energy in a regular car. If the yellow sign “Kullen” does not apear in sight and your GPS want’s to go in there, just drive on.

If you did take the correct turn you will now be driving on the “Kullvägen”. Follow this gravelroad 5 km strait on (bleu signs with the letter “M” means you can pass other cars, there you wait till you can drive on). Then you will see a sign, with Mieps Huset on it, follow up the direction and turn right “Kullbergsvägen”. Follow this road slowly up the hill 20km/h, after a 230 meters you wil drive up to the right and park your car on the parking.

During winter the roads will be plowed when snow has fallen. This does not happen on regular times, city’s go first. So sometimes you drive in a little layer of snow.

If you have west european winter tires or all seasons  please make sure you have some chains with you and practice at home.

When you come in the winter come prepared, be sure to look online for tips and tricks in scandinavian winter or just mail us. We can answer some questions to.

When you come with an airplane and you rent a car, the car is equipped with the tires you need for the season, but they mostley have non spike winter tires. You can ask for that if you want, but you can go with just normal scandinavian winter tires aswell, but sometimes the spiked tires are the better choice.